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Zero Air Generator

Zero Air is one of the most popular gas sources used in analytical laboratories. Proton OnSite generators produce clean zero-grade air utilizing catalytic reactor technology and PSA technology which will meet different requirements for various labs.

Using an on-site gas generator not only saves tremendous valuable bench-top space, but also optmizes the operation-no more waiting for delivery, switching empty units, or recalibrating new cylinders- plug in, and it is all set. 

Pressure Swing Absorbtion a
PSA Technology
PSA (Pressure swing adsorption) technology separates nitrogen molecules from the other gas molecules by the carbon molecular sieves (CMS). Alternating between both CMS columns, firstly O2 , moisture, CO2, and other “contaminants” are absorbed, allowing the nitrogen to flow into an accumulation tank. From the accumulation tank the nitrogen is pressurized and delivered to the generator outlet for use.