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Nitrogen Generator

Proton's nitrogen generators are designed to utilize your existing air source and produce nitrogen on demand. Some generators can produce with little to no energy consumption at all. This is good cents for your laboratory and great sense for our future. If house air isn’t an option, we design high efficiency air sources that work with our systems to manage your laboratory demand.

The lab analytical analyzers made and marketed by various manufacturers do not all share the same requirements. Proton Onsite is dedicated to meet different demands from customers and has a range of both Membrane and PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) systems to meet all laboratory application requirements


Nitrogen Generator Membrane Technology a
Membrane Technology 
Compressed air is forced into a vessel containing a hollow tube in the middle surrounded by a polymeric hollow fiber. These hollow fibers selectively permeate O2, water vapor, and other impurities out of its side walls, allowing N2 to flow through its center and emerge as product.                                             Benefits
· Phthalate free N2
· No electrical requirement
· Silent operation
· Compact, no moving parts




Pressure Swing Absorbtion a
PSA Technology
PSA (Pressure swing adsorption) technology separates nitrogen molecules from the other gas molecules by the carbon molecular sieves (CMS). Alternating between both CMS columns, firstly O2 , moisture, hydrocarbons, CO2, and other “contaminants” are absorbed, allowing the nitrogen to flow into an accumulation tank. From the accumulation tank the nitrogen is pressurized and delivered to the generator outlet for use.