Proton OnSite Proton — The Leader in On Site Gas Generation

C10, C20, C30

Hydrogen C-Series generators utilize Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell stack and PSA technology to produce ultra-high purity hydrogen for various applications; some of which include materials processing, semiconductor fabrication, hydrogenation, energy storage, etc.  These generators achieve extreme purity and composition certainty with minimal maintenance.  This series benefits hydrogen users by improving supply reliability and site safety, while also reducing hydrogen storage space.


  • Auto fill water level control
  • Water monitoring system including purity monitor
  • Automatic production control
  • On board DI water system 
  • Factory Matched Cooler / Chiller 
  • Dew Point Meter 
  • Outdoor Operation Package
  • Dedicated Datalogging computer 
  • Automatic Hleak detection system