Proton OnSite Proton — The Leader in On Site Gas Generation


In the laboratory market, professionals seek gas that can be supplied in a safe, cost effective, and reliable manar. However, the lab analyzers made and marketed by various manufacturers do not all share the same requirements.

Hydrogen is used as an ultra high purity fuel and reducing agent in analytical labs. Proton OnSite hydrogen generation systems are well-suited to provide ultra high purity hydrogen as a carrier gas with consistent composition and predictable low levels of oxygen and nitrogen. Proton OnSite nitrogen generators can use an existing air source and produce nitrogen on demand. No cylinders, no hassle and they’re ultra efficient. Some of these generators can function with little to no energy consumption at all. If house air isn’t an option, we design high efficiency air sources that work with our systems to manage your laboratory demand.

Proton OnSite manufactures hydrogen, nitrogen and purified air generators that you can rely on. Our on-site gas generators enable our customers to get the gas they need, when and where they need it.