Proton OnSite Proton — The Leader in On Site Gas Generation


As high purity carrier gas is a key component to semiconductor processes, professionals in this industry require a sound gas supply. Proton OnSite provides products that utilize PEM technology to address such needs. Hydrogen generation systems manufactured by Proton OnSite are an efficient, reliable and productivity-enhancing means to provide ultra-high purity hydrogen for semiconductor requirements. Hydrogen generation systems are easy to permit, easy to install, and operate automatically. They produce pure, dry hydrogen at 200+ psig for use in 100% hydrogen atmospheres, or for blending with delivered or generated nitrogen to provide high purity synthetic atmospheres.

 A Proton OnSite hydrogen generation system completely eliminates the need for delivery and storage of hazardous gases, such as ammonia or hydrogen. When paired with generated nitrogen, a hydrogen generator system can eliminate gas deliveries and storage entirely.