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Proton’s Government programs support a diverse set of applications and requirements, for agency sponsors, primes, and Federal laboratory collaborators. Our contract research activity includes active programs with ARPA-E, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and Air Force Research Laboratory.  The materials and applied research afforded by these contracts provides the foundation for technology and process innovation in our existing product lines, as well as new solutions to real world needs in both the Government and civilian marketplace.

Proton has demonstrated the ability to collaborate effectively with public and private universities, DOE national labs, DOD research labs, and other Government Owned Government Operated facilities.For prime contractors who provide integrated solutions to Government customers, Proton is a proven supplier of subsystems and components that meet stringent mil spec requirements.  Proton’s production contract for electrolyzer cell stacks for the U.S., U.K., and French navy submarine fleets is demonstration of this capability.  

Proton technology is also being applied to DOD requirements for hydrogen fuel for specialty vehicles, including unmanned systems.  Currently, Proton electrolyzers are installed at 6 DOD sites for hydrogen fuel production, for both stationary and motive power requirements.  In addition, Proton is providing electrolyzers for lifting gas generation at more Department of Commerce (NOAA) weather balloon launch sites than any other electrolyzer company.  The lifting gas application is directly transferrable to DOD requirements for filling ISR-purposed aerostats in remote parts of the world. These are just a couple examples of high value electrolyzer solutions we currently provide to Government end-users and primes.