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Hydrogen is a critical component of any green energy strategy.  With its diverse applications, hydrogen can be the ultimate zero-emission fuel for vehicles, while also harnessing renewable energy to power homes.  Home fueling stations are the key to developing a viable, efficient fueling infrastructure that enables easy distribution.  Proton OnSite’ advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) hydrogen generators make it possible to envision a future where hydrogen power and home fueling stations are a reality-H2Go®.

A major challenge associated with transitioning our nation’s transportation economy to any alternative fuel is developing online fuel production, storage, transportation and end-customer delivery infrastructure.  Cluster strategies have been outlined by major automotive OEM’s and energy companies as a way to limit the amount of early hydrogen infrastructure needed, but even these approaches have been met with market resistance.  Other distributed hydrogen generation options are needed to bridge the gap to a fully developed fueling infrastructure.  

A home hydrogen fueling station utilizing Proton OnSites' PEM water electrolysis technology eliminates the large-scale storage and long-distance transportation pieces of the supply chain by directly fueling the vehicle where the hydrogen is being generated.  The storage depot and long-distance transportation functions of most fuel logistics streams are replaced by the existing water and electricity infrastructures.  Furthermore, with the option of integrating electrolysis with a renewable electricity source like photovoltaic (PV) generation at the home, this approach can create a truly carbon-free fuel that is H2Go®.