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Robert J. Friedland

Robert J. Friedland is President and CEO of Proton OnSite. Mr. Friedland, a founder of Proton OnSite in 1996, has held several senior positions at Proton since its inception. Earlier in his career, Mr. Friedland was with United Technologies Aerospace Systems (formerly the Hamilton Sundstrand division). At Hamilton, Mr. Friedland held various positions of increasing responsibility including Program Operations Manager of Navy and Electrochemical Systems. 

Mr. Friedland earned his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  He is a Director of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, the Connecticut Technology Council and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association and a member of the Executive Steering Committee for H2USA .



Sheldon A. Paul

Sheldon A. Paul joined Proton OnSite in August, 2008 as its Vice President of Finance and Administration and was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in September, 2013.  Prior to joining Proton Onsite, Mr. Paul developed and managed a private consulting practice providing CFO services to medium sized privately held companies.  Before starting his private practice, Mr. Paul worked with Information Management Associates, Inc., a publicly traded software company, as its Senior Vice President-Finance & Administration responsible for worldwide financial operations, information systems, office administration and facilities management.  

Prior to joining Information Management Associates, Inc.,  Mr. Paul was Vice President, Finance and Administration for Dinex International, a healthcare manufacturing and distribution company, responsible for accounting, financial reporting, tax compliance, bank relations, logistics, customer service and information systems. 

Mr. Paul worked for 9 years in public accounting.  He earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Connecticut and is a Certified Public Accountant. 


A. John Speranza

A. John Speranza is Vice President of Commercial Hydrogen Product Sales at Proton OnSite.  Mr. Speranza joined Proton OnSite in 1997 and was involved in the development of Proton's core technology and industrial product line.  Prior to joining Proton, Mr. Speranza spent 12 years at Hamilton Sundstrand division of United Technologies Corporation developing PEM fuel cell and electrolyzer products for military and aerospace applications. Mr. Speranza has been granted 17 patents to date in the areas of control systems, fuel cell and electrolyzer system, and power plant efficiency and improvement.

Mr. Speranza has published numerous papers, case studies, and articles on the advantage of on-site gas generation for use in industrial and analytical laboratory work.

Mr. Speranza has a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of Hartford. 


Mark S. Schiller

As Vice President of Business Development, Mark Schiller is responsible for global strategic outreach and business development at Proton OnSite.  In addition, Mr. Schiller identifies emerging markets for existing and new technologies that leverage Proton OnSite’s commercial products and technology portfolio.  Mr. Schiller brings a diverse wealth of knowledge to Proton OnSite, as he has more than 24 years of experience in management, business development, sales, and engineering support in the energy industry.

Before joining Proton OnSite in 2004, Mr. Schiller held senior positions with Texaco Energy Systems and Chevron Technology Ventures – companies specializing in alternative energy storage, generation and technology development.  Mr. Schiller also served as the district manager for Texaco Commercial Products, and then moved to the Sales, Marketing and Business Development department for Texaco Energy Systems.

Mr. Schiller earned his Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Tulsa University and his MBA from Oklahoma State University.


Larry Moulthrop

Larry Moulthrop is the Vice President of Hydrogen Systems at Proton OnSite. Mr. Moulthrop is a system development professional and chemical engineer with over 35 years experience in proton exchange membrane (PEM) based electrolysis systems, fuel cell systems, and hydrogen fueling.   In 1996, Mr. Moulthrop co-founded Proton OnSite to commercialize PEM water electrolysis and PEM regenerative fuel cell products. In 1999, Mr. Moulthrop led the product engineering teams that launched HOGEN® series of PEM based water electrolyzers. Currently, Mr. Moulthrop works with Proton's engineering and application teams to refine existing and develop new packaged hydrogen generator systems for vehicle fueling, renewable energy capture, telecom backup power, military applications, and other hydrogen system solutions.  Mr. Moulthrop has served as the principal system architect for the SunHydroTM hydrogen fueling station platform and manages SunHydro station operations. Larry is the designated Program Coordinator for the Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle demonstration program underway and SunHydro LLC.

Mr. Moulthrop is responsible for Proton's product safety and code compliance processes. He oversees all product and process hazard analysis at Proton. Mr. Moulthrop is very active in hydrogen code and standard development. He serves as the current convenor of ISO22734-1, the international water electrolyzer product standard, is a committee chair within the NFPA 2 Hydrogen Technologies Code technical committee, is a subcommittee chair on the ISO 19880 Hydrogen Fueling Stations standard, and is a member of ISO TC197 Hydrogen Technologies US Technical Advisory Group, and SAE J2601 Fueling Protocols for Light Duty Gaseous Hydrogen Surface Vehicles committees.

Mr. Moulthrop manages our intellectual property processes. He personally holds 22 issued patents in the areas of PEM cell design and PEM system architecture through his work with Proton OnSite, United Technologies, and General Electric. He received his BSChE degree from the University of New Hampshire in 1978.



Everett Anderson

Everett Anderson is Vice President of Electrochemical Technology at Proton OnSite where he is focused on strategic technology development, assessing new technology and potential partnerships for the next generation of Proton’s products. His activities involve evaluating the applicability of Proton's core competencies in electrochemical cell/system design and manufacturing to new chemical and electrochemical synthesis opportunities, as well as investigating other areas such as energy storage and hydrogen infrastructure. He also serves in an oversight role regarding electrochemical technology development as it relates to Proton’s commercial hydrogen generation business, as well as helping to establish future research thrust areas that leverage the company's expertise and competencies. Mr. Anderson joined Proton OnSite in 2000 and has more than 30 years of R&D experience in hydrogen and fuel cells.  He has served previous positions at Proton as Research Manager, Research Director and Director of Process and Materials Development.

Prior to joining Proton OnSite, Mr. Anderson was the Manager of Electrochemical Technologies Group at Physical Sciences Inc., a contract R&D firm where he spent over 13 years conducting research in a variety of technology areas including PEM, direct methanol and alkaline fuel cells, halogen fuel cells, electrosynthesis, electrochemical sensors, and advanced electroplating processes.  Before joining Physical Sciences Inc., Mr. Anderson worked as a Staff Scientist at Giner, Inc. where he conducted research on phosphoric acid and hydrogen-halogen flow batteries. Mr. Anderson has been granted 6 U.S. patents in the fields of electrochemical synthesis, fuel cell electrode fabrication, and PEM electrolyzer cell stack design.